Multi textures

During my BA (Hons) and MFA degrees I developed a signature technique using acrylic paint and materials with contrasting textures. I continued to refine this technique after graduating. I focussed on the relationship between the subject and the nature of the textures. The materials were carefully chosen for their textures with the aim of achieving a consistent image of the subject to flow seamlessly through the different textures. These are applied in geometric patterns, often in blocks and lines. The materials are covered in pre-mixed acrylic before being carefully and painstakingly placed on the canvas. The foundation of these unique multitextural paintings is to capture the viewer with a striking image and then draw them in to look more closely and to observe the different textures. These multitexturals are an unusual and a unique style of art which stands out from other works as a striking focal point in any environment.

To commission a multitextural work please use the contact page. I will then phone you to discuss the work required and pricing for this specialised style.