Pet Portraits

I use cartridge paper (Daler & Rowley) with either graphite pencil (Steadtler) or Indian Ink with coloured pencils (Fiber Castell). I strive to achieve realistic texture and softness to the fur or feathers. I study the photographs and make small sketches before I work on the drawing. This enables me to pick up on the finer details that defines the pet’s character.

My signature style using Indian Ink & colour pencil involves the use of a quill to apply the Indian Ink to the paper. This method of using the quill allows me to be more considerate of the lines that accentuate the boundaries and define shapes. I use the coloured pencils to bring out the character of the subject by paying close attention to subtle differences in shade and colour. I build these up as the portrait progresses using layers . This all creates an interesting play on a sense of realism and illustration.

If your pet is wearing a collar in the photo please let me know if you want it drawn or not. It is possible in some cases to not put the collar in the drawing. Where applicable, remove the collar before photographing. It is also possible to draw in favourite toys etc. These options can be negotiated during consultations.